Wayne's Bio
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Born and raised in Jacksonville this native Floridian has been a music lover for all his life.  Singing being his true musical love this vocalist rarely had a chance to use his talents other than occasional concerts in school.

He has always put Christ and his family first. His wife and 3 children had priority and his “career” took a back seat for many years. He always managed to make music a part of his life and never let go of his dream of performing one day.

With 25 years in the construction equipment parts business and a move to Orange Park in the early 90’s his dream began to take shape. From weekend “jam sessions” as a percussionist to guest vocalist on “This CD Has No Name”, Robert Grigg's 2nd disc, he was “discovered’ by a truly gifted & accomplished musician and given a chance to realize his dream.

WILDCARD has truly been the answer to his dreams. As lead vocalist and percussionist, and with the loving support of his family, Wayne has found a musical home. More importantly he's been blessed to have made some true friends that love making music purely for the fun of it!
Wayne In action
Contact Info
Name: Wayne Williams
Email: Wayne@wldcard.com

Everlasting Memorial to Sean Williams

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